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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Buddha's 3rd Birthday Party

Well, today we partied! Here's the premiere of videos with audio for The Bagel Factory! Ta da! :) This is the party attendees singing happy birthday to Buddha. Check out his unorthodox (yet extremely entertaining) way of extinguishing the candles at the end! He's so funny! :) More birthday pictures will come tomorrow when I'm not so desperate to fall into my comfy, cozy bed.


Bells said...

Oh no. When I press play it says that the video is no longer available.

Sara said...

yeah, me too...fix it Elizabeth! :) HAPPY B-DAY SOREN, you lovely nephew of mine....I can't wait to see you again! Remember your Aunty Sara? She's the boring one, Uncle Daniel is your favorite. haha.

Mom said...

How did Soren know that blow thing would take out the candles? He's ingenious. I wonder if that is a word. Thanks. Loved the video. Smart little boy.

ScottnLisa said...

I can't believe he's already three!!! That's unbelievable! You're right, I loved the candle blowing...what a little smartie!!

Chris and Chelz said...

that is a cute video! time goes by too fast! i miss you !

Robert & Jacqui said...

Happy Birthday Soren! Jonathan loved watching the video and seeing you blow out your candles. We watched it over and over. We miss you!!!