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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Homeschool Day 11: Reminders

School went fabulously today.  And then we took off to the park for a park day that I tried to rally some other LDS homeschoolers in the area to.  It didn't work.  Nobody else showed up.  I'm kind of discouraged.  I know there are other LDS homeschoolers around here.  I belong to a Yahoo group full of them.  But I get the feeling that they are veteran homeschooling families, with older kids and established friendships.

So after I got back from my lonely park day (can you feel my oozing self pity?), I went online and joined the Christian Family Schools in my area.  I'm hoping that I might be able to find other LDS homeschooling families through this organization, but whether or not I do, I will definitely be able to make some friends with similar values as those my family holds dear.  And there's always Katie, too.  I can't forget her.  We're like two peas in a pod except for our differing beliefs in Christ.*  Oh how I love Katie, my gun-defending, intensely patriotic, Conservative, Jewish homeschooling friend!  I just don't know how long Buddha will be okay with having Katie's daughter be his best homeschooling bud.  He needs a BOY buddy!!

Plus, I have such wonderful non-homeschooling friends that I really can't complain about my unsuccessful search.

In short, I am blessed.  Good thing I wrote this post to remind myself!

* Here is the perfect place to insert this HILARIOUS story that I keep forgetting to write down somewhere.  Katie came over to my house a while back and the kids played while we chatted.  I had a great time.  A few days later, I was driving in the car when Buddha piped up from the back seat to tell me this . . . .

Buddha [matter-of-factly]: "Mom, I told N (Katie's daughter) to tell her mom that Jesus is God's son, not a prophet."

Me [with raised eyebrows and a chuckle]: "OH REALLY . . . and what did she say to that?"

Buddha [nonchalant]: "She said, 'But I'm a Jew.'"

Me [trying really hard not to laugh now]: "Mmm hmmm."

Buddha [with authority]: "So I told her that if she didn't tell her mom, I would."

Me [it's no use, I can't hold it in anymore]: "How did it end?"

Buddha [a bit smug]: "She said, 'Okaaaay, I will!'"

Please note that I did have a conversation with him later about respecting other people's religious beliefs even while sharing our own.  I pointed out that threats of tattling don't really go far in endearing people to him or convincing them to believe as he does.  But truly it was innocent and just plain hilarious.  And I keep forgetting to tell Katie, so this may be the first time she's heard anything about this unless N followed through on Buddha's threat.  Did she, Katie?  I'm dying to know!  :D

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