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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Homeschool Day 15: I Am Superwoman!

And I'm about to fall over dead from exhaustion! Here is what today looked like at a glance:

First, we read our scriptures.  I've been letting the boys switch off picking a picture from the Gospel Art Book and then we find the corresponding scripture verses to read and discuss.  This morning we talked about picture number two, The Lord Created All Things.

Then we stayed put on the couch and pulled out our new copy of Leif the Lucky and read through the whole thing, learning interesting new facts about Leif Erikson and his discovery of America (or Vinland, as he called it).

After that, we read some rules for respecting our country's flag, then created our own US flag puzzle.


Later, we tidied up the house a bit.

Then we pulled out the playdough.


And they created while I walked.

After that we cleaned up again.

Then we went to pick up my new glasses.
Then we went to the park to play with friends.

And the park sort of coincided with Buddha's soccer practice.

After that we dashed home and I dropped off the boys with The Chief, then headed up to Oceanside for a homeschool mom group discussion and book share (which was wonderful).

I'm beat!  And at 11:45pm, I still haven't had dinner.  My stomach is grumbly.  Excuse me whilest I go stuff my face before bed.  :D  Good night!

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Anonymous said...

It was nice meeting you up in Oceanside tonight! I missed dinner, too, although the banana bread seemed to have carried me pretty well. :)