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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Homeschool Day 7: Average

Today was what I believe can be termed "average" (even though we've only been doing this seven days).  We took our time on breakfast - making puffy oven pancakes together - then proceeded smoothly through the basics.  I quizzed the boys on the things we've learned in the last seven days and discovered that both of them have phenomenal memories (they get that from their dad - HOORAY).  The day was relaxed and comfortable and after school the boys got to go play with some buddies from Church.

I am kind of stumped by Geography.  Thursday is our Geography day, but I still haven't done anything much with Geography because I can't decide if I want to go ahead with Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler, or focus more on US Geography to go along with our US History studies.  I'm leaning toward the latter, though I'll definitely be saving the former for future studies of Geography around the world.

I'm also discovering, as we go along, that I love reading out loud with the boys.  It's probably my favorite part of homeschool.  They love it.  I love it.  What's not to love about something that is educational and mutually enjoyable?!  But I'm having a hard time finding appropriate reading for our study topics and for their ages, simultaneously.  Don't get me wrong, I know there is plenty out there, but what's difficult is finding titles that fulfill all my criteria without spending all day long searching and compiling.  If anyone reading this has any recommendations, I welcome them with eager arms!  I'd like to know of titles that can be read out loud to both a kindergartner and a preschooler; books that challenge them, but don't lose them.  I want quality reads that are clean and full of good messages.  And I'd LOVE for them to relate to early US History, US Geography, and Astronomy.  Illustrations would be nice, though they don't have to be on every page or overly fancy.

Is this really too much to ask?!  :D  I know one of you veterans out there has to have knowledge of a list like this somewhere in your experienced minds!  Please share!!

Here are a couple of pictures of the boys getting ready for our read aloud time in our massive bean bag. As you can see, they come prepared with fruit snacks and drinks. :D These photos weren't taken today, but they just fit the post so perfectly and they had yet to be shared here on the blog, so they're making their debut today regardless. Enjoy them! (I sure do.) :P


He is SO adored.


miriam said...

I haven't commented much on your blog SHAME ON ME, but i've been reading every update you've posted. we're doing a preschool homeschool over here, certainly not as involved as yours, but it's been very fun. it's fun to see what interests my kids.

seeing your cute baby is making me excited about my soon-to-be cute baby. and seeing you be a mom to three and love it makes me think i can.

i miss you and am certainly craving a day with the bagels sometime soon. perhaps we can think of something educational and entertaining and take one and all?

finally, i love your honesty, i love watching you discover your homeschooling groove and i'm proud of you.

Courtney said...

Check sonlight.com. They have their book lists available on the site for each age group.

I got all of this years read alouds from amazon and I used their lists to decide which ones I wanted.

Shaie said...

Hey, I'm not sure if you've heard of the Charlotte Mason style of schooling but she does have a recommended reading list for Kindergarten and up. Here's the link: http://www.amblesideonline.org/00.shtml . If you go to the Year 1 (which is 1st grade) book list she has it broken up into subjects.

And here's another book list: http://simplycharlottemason.com/planning/eyguide/eyreadalouds/

I'm not sure if these will all fit into the subjects you're studying, but good luck! Hope this helps.

Amber and The Boys said...

OK, these totally don't meet your criteria for being about US History or anything like that, but some of the books I have read aloud to my boys that have been a hit are Mrs. Frisy and the Rats of NIMH and any Beverly Clearys. Ramona, Mouse and the Motorcycle, etc. Both Nathan and Jack love them!