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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning - Buddha

Buddha made out like a bandit this year. He must have been really nice because Santa sure had a bag full for him. Buddha got lots of stuff from his Christmas wish list that we mailed to Santa in the North Pole a few weeks ago. His two favorite toys so far are his stocking stuffer slinky and his "Cars" cars carrying case/race track that Grandma and Grandpa gave him. But even though those are his favorites, he still makes the round from one toy to the next. Today I've had more "free time" than I've had in a long time. I just listen to Buddha playing with all his new toys (and Bugga's new toys) in the other room. He's very content. It was fun watching him taking everything in this Christmas. He was definitely enchanted with Santa and his reindeer. He wanted to be involved in everything from pouring Santa a glass of milk to hanging up stockings with Grandma. He insisted that we put out not only carrots for the reindeer, but cheerios too. Buddha was definitely better at opening presents this year than last year. Daddy helped him last year, but this year he didn't need any help at all. In fact, we had to reign him in this year, practically tackling him in order to get him to take turns opening presents with his little brother.

Thank you, Santa!

Daddy helping Buddha pull stuff out of his cute stocking.

Digging deep.

"I know there's just gotta be something else way down here!"

Lovin' the slinky.

Breaking open a present.

Thank you, Unkey Dino!

Thank you, Grandma and Grandpa!

Thank you, Auntie, Ratchet, and Faces!

The aftermath.


Lindsey said...

I love the aftermath. It must be so fun to have Soren really understanding Christmas and all the fun traditions that go along with it. He is so cute and always looks so inquisitive!

Lisa said...

I love that Soren got his bagels from Santa! I remember reading about them in his letter to Santa.