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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve

While Christmas Eve day was a flurry of last-minute shopping, we did manage to settle down to a nice, cozy Christmas Eve (eve). Buddha and Bugga got to open one present each, Grandma recited "Twas the Night Before Christmas" for us, and we put out stockings for Santa to fill and cookies and milk for Santa to eat. Oh, don't forget carrots and ... yes, cheerios, for Santa's reindeer. Bugga and Buddha went down easily after the long day filled with activity, but Santa was definitely busy at our house Christmas Eve. It's a wonder he made it to anyone else's homes.

Buddha helping Bugga get his present open. And what could it be?

That's right, matching Santa jammies!
They're from Old Navy, Jacqui.

Grandma is a great story-teller!

Here she is bringing the story to life for us.

Here's Daddy and Grandpa listening respectfully and reverently.

Buddha was captivated and Bugga was...well, take a look...

...Bugga was Bugga.

Buddha helping Grandma hang our stockings.

Buddha guarding Santa's goodies.

I asked Buddha how reindeer smile. This is what I got.

And Santa? How does he smile?

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Lindsey said...

Grandma is so cute in her festive red overalls! Liz, your pictures of the lit tree and the close up of the tree and gifts are both really excellent. Thanks for sharing!