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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning - The Chief, Grandma & Grandpa

I don't know how we managed to luck out, but we did. We got to have Grandma and Grandpa with us this Christmas...all to ourselves! It was so great! Of course, we missed all our other family members, but it was really nice to have a cozy, quiet Christmas (especially with sick kids). Grandma and Grandpa were wonderful to share their Christmas traditions with us and to put up with our last minute shopping (we are the king and queen of procrastination). Grandma and Grandpa made us an awesome Christmas morning breakfast and kept us supplied with Christmas Bark (a really yummy toffee nut dessert made on top of a bed of saltines). Our boys love Grandma and Grandpa. In fact, this morning when Buddha woke up, he went straight to the guest room. But upon discovering its vacancy, he hurried back to our room where he proceeded to grill me, "Where's Grandma and Grandpa? Where are they? Where did they go?" I finally got him to calm down and told him that they had returned home to Arizona. As soon as I got that out, the waterworks started in earnest. Buddha was so upset that Grandma and Grandpa were gone that he just cried and cried. Big, salty tears rolling down his perfectly round little cheeks. He finally calmed down when he remembered he doesn't like the feeling of tears. He made me wipe them off with our bed sheet. How great is that? He loves his Grandma and Grandpa so much!

And, of course, The Chief. We got to have The Chief for Christmas. This was the best present of all. Gone are the days of skipping out at half day and taking off for an extended weekend on a whim. We got him for Monday and Tuesday and he went right back to work today. I cherished those two special days. I love The Chief. He is my man. Check out what Santa put in The Chief's stocking!

Grandpa gets in on the action.

Grandma watches while Buddha dives into his stocking.

Whiny Golfer's Pacifier

Yep, that will do perfectly!


Lindsey said...

Love the pacifier! Dan, you've never looked better. I am glad you all had a great Christmas and that you were ALL able to enjoy a few days together.

Brooklet said...

How fun that you got to have the grandparents all to yourselves. I think its really cool that they were their to continue their traditions- you went all out on the food for santa and his reindeer!

And I love the one of your kids got bagels from santa- thats what I am talkin' bout!

Lisa said...

It is fun that Dans parents came to spend Christmas with you. I agree that the holidays are about spending time with family! I bet your parents are so excited to come and see your boys. Do they come home this month? I thought they were coming some time in January.

ScottnLisa said...

I love Christmas pictures...I also loved the reeses pieces leading up to the stocking by the way!