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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning - Bugga

Because we had two sick kids for Christmas this year, things were pretty low key. Bugga was fairly mellow as he battled a cold and fever, but it looks like he still had a good time. He reserved no effort in digging through his stocking with Daddy's help, but he didn't open a single present belonging to him - Mommy had to open them all for him. He has enjoyed playing with the contents, he just wasn't interested in opening them. While Bugga may not have understood much of what was going on as far as Santa goes, he was enthralled by Buddha's enthusiasm. He spent (spends) all his time following Buddha around either giggling with him or fighting with him over Christmas presents. Bugga has also enjoyed all our Christmas decorations. He loves to point out lights and exclaim, "Dat!" And I'm sure he's tasted every one of the Christmas tree bobbles that he could reach (and they are all living on the mantle out of his reach now). I look forward to next Christmas with Bugga. It will be exciting. But this Christmas was a joy and I'll always love these pictures!

Thank you, Santa!

Checkin' out the booty.

Buddha exploring Bugga's treasure with him.


"Hey, what are you doing up there?"

Okay, this is for you people who don't think Bugga looks like The Chief. Look closely at this picture and think again. Bugga is a mini The Chief!

These are my Christmas treasures.

"Hmmm. Which one is better - the Raisin Bran box or the
wooden police car?"


Lindsey said...

My favorite is the Raisin Bran box vs. the car photo. When I worked at the preschool, I used to bring in all of my empty yogurt and milk containers, empty food boxes, etc. The kids loved playing with them! Hopefully my kids will enjoy simple things like that too! :)

Marilee said...

Is it just me or is it a little weird to see Dan wearing shorts on Christmas morning?!?! We were freezing in the middle of an ice storm in Iowa and Dan looks like he's ready to go to the beach. I know where we want to go for Christmas next year!! By the way, Megan has that same little fruit/vegetable basket (I guess Santa likes the Target dollar bins) and loves it!! I'm sure Anders will enjoy it too. Glad you guys had a fun Christmas even with sick kids - Peter had strep throat so it was a little strange for us too. :)