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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Inspiration Captured

Ever since we got this new camera, I've been photo-journaling on another blog I started. It's been mostly for me, but I've noticed a few of my friends who share similar blogs with everyone. Since I really enjoy peaking at their creativity displayed through photography, I thought someone out there might also enjoy seeing what I've been up to with my new toy. I'm not saying I'm good or anything (far from it, actually), but I'd say that at least one in 300 pictures is a shot to be remembered and blogged. :) Enjoy the site and visit often! It's called A Beginner's Dream and there is also a link to it on our side bar.

1 comment:

Brooklet said...

I think your photography is really looking great- I can tell you are developing an eye for interesting pictures. Here is a website that I think has such inspiring pictures- because they are so unordinary.