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Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Card Lane

Last night we went to a wonderland of lights and Christmas "cards" just a few streets away from us. Our friends, the Larsons, invited us. The neighborhood has been dubbed Christmas Card Lane and is widely appreciated for its large quantity of Christmas decor. There were people walking up and down the streets and lines of cars inching their way through the neighborhood. Residents of the area were gathered on their driveways, congregating around little portable fires. Bugga was mesmerized by the scenes and Buddha was delighted by both the lights and the company of his good friend, Coby. It was a fun night. Cold, but fun. My hands froze. It was worth it.

All decked out.

Card reads: "On Dancer. On Dasher. On Flasher!"

Bugga just checking out the action from his cozy little transport.

Coby, Buddha, and Rett.

My favorite.

Seriously. This is how I feel sometimes.

Card reads: "Four years learning how to fly...and for what?!"

How funny that the shark's word is peace. Can we say, oxymoron?

Coby and Buddha holding hands.

Card reads: "Looks like rain, dear."

Card reads: "It comes complete with the Checkin' it Twice 7.5 Upgrade Software Package."

Happy Holidays!

A bit of a stretch, but okay. I like dairy.

I just love Tweety Bird!

Ha ha ha.

Sesame Street spread with Buddha as the centerpiece.

Card reads: "Weesa Wishin' You A Happy Christmas."

Daddy and Bugga.

Here's Buddha being "elf-ed."

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be complete without an outdoor train track??

But Buddha and Bugga didn't mind the apparent lack of connection. They just liked the trains.

This was fun to happen upon some familiar carolers. They even took requests and before too long were singing Buddha's favorite, "Jingle Bells."

Poor Santa. These people were definitely naughty. Watch out for that flying lump of coal on Christmas morning!

Card reads: "Dec. 25"

Name this movie. :)

Let's just say it was a long walk with lots of lights and displays.

But, Bugga did awaken for the car ride home. I love these boys. They are just so cute and bright. They make me smile every day...the little buggers.


Robert & Jacqui said...

That looks like such a fun night! I love the boys' matching beanies. Where'd you get them?

Liz said...

Old Navy, of course. :)

Brooklet said...

Wow, that is quite a street! And I thought Pittsburgh was over the top with holiday (and steelers) yard art.

I loved how you stumbled upona choir of missionaries. Thats fun.

Sara said...

Haha- A Christmas Story boy with his tongue stuck to the pole! That was funny. Man, I want a "lane" here in Oregon. Why don't people get into Christmas here? Portland doesn't even have city Christmas lights up! Bunch a liberals. :)

Mom and Dad said...

I love your boys, too. Children are so renewing. Well, not always. But, I need some renewing, a few days worth":)

Great pictures. Very entertaining. Keep it up.

Lisa said...

Kev and I enjoyed reading all the cards. I love the Christmas story one. It is a favorite in my family. It is played 24-7 on TNT leading up to Christmas. We never miss it!

Barbara & Morris said...

Great time together..it's all about those "traditions" isn't it???
I love that the missionarys were out there singing away..would have loved to have seen that.
No one is here for Christmas. We did it with Teag and Family and Trav and Ashley last weekend.. so Morris and I are going to take off and go to San Francisco and drive the coast back down...and fly back from John Wayne...should be fun:)
Would be better to do Christmas on Christmas but "c'est la vie!
Merry Christmas to your cute family!