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Friday, December 21, 2007

My Cuddle Bug

Bugga is so cuddly. It's fun. As you can probably tell from the gross disparity, Bugga is a more willing snapshot subject than Buddha. So Bugga has been teething like mad for the past week and a half. At first (for a week or so), Bugga unleashed the teething beast on us. He was whiny and clingy and woke up all hours of the night. Now, he has really mellowed out and likes to cuddle and hug and, and, and he's just so cute! My favorite thing lately is that he'll walk over to me, turn around and back into my lap to sit and survey the scene before him for all of 30 seconds. Oh and my other favorite thing is that when he gets tired he'll come to me and just drape himself over me with his head relaxing on my shoulder. He's not afraid of missing something like Buddha always was. If there's a noise, he ignores it. He just likes to cuddle with Mommy and be held and loved. He is the complete opposite from Buddha in this respect. Buddha would always push away from you if you tried to hold him too close. He never rested his head because he always had to see what was going on. I must say, I hope all my babies are as cuddly as Bugga.


Robert & Jacqui said...

So cute! It's sad, but I kind of like when my kids are sick sometimes. It's the only time they are super cuddly!

ScottnLisa said...

Crystal's like that...the only problem is that she wants to be held and cuddled when I'm the busiest. She'll literally cling to my leg and say "hold me, hold me!" in a desperate voice. It can be hard to get things done sometimes. Other times it's great cause I can just hold her and rock her while I watch T.V.and we have a wonderful time.

Liz said...

Yeah, I totally understand that Lisa. Sometimes Anders just wanders after me yelling with this high-pitched screech until I pick him up. And then he wants to use me as his vehicle of exploration - leaning toward the car on the shelf or the cheerios on the table. It is frustrating. But, I guess I'm willing to take the frustration over not having it at all. Like I said, Soren wasn't one bit cuddly, so Anders is a nice change.

Scott & Karin said...

Park is my cuddle bug too. Annicka wouldn't have any of it!