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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Gratitude Attitude - 11/24/08

Well, this week is the best week I can think of to bring back my attempt at "The Gratitude Attitude." I was previously pretty pathetic at keeping up with it. Today I am thankful for:

1. Patience
2. Testimony
3. Warriors
4. Baby Bagels' Bedtime
5. Silence
6. Anticipation (Daniel and Joseph are coming tomorrow to celebrate the holidays with us!)
7. Sunshine and Warmth (because I miss it right now)
8. Prophet
9. Blogs
10. The Iron Rod

I love this James Christensen "Hold to the Rod" painting. This little dude is so laden down by the things of the world that it's clear he needs to let something go in order to be able to grasp the rod and cling to it. Nothing in this world matters as much as eternal life with our families. Nothing.


000BIGMAC000 said...

Hi Liz, I actually need some of your advice : ) Rick and I want to get a camera. We can't really afford a nice DSRL(?) but want something that will take great pics. I've been looking for something w/ high optical zoom, image stabalization, 10 mega pixels and a rechargable battery.Nikon has a coolpix P80 that is a point and shoot. But would the Canon Rebel be better? It comes w/ 2 lenses at costco but one of them doesnt have image stabalization. Sorry to bother you, I'de love any advice on a good camera to get for 600 or less. thanks kendra

miriam said...

i love this post. because i haven't sat down this month to think about my blessings and right now, being a mother isn't on the list. i'm thinking i should have picked something else!

but i guess i am grateful for my children. even when they cry for days on end.

Marcia said...

I didn't see a computer in that guy's arms. I love that hold-to-the-rod painting. I need to get that thing framed and put in in my office.