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Monday, November 3, 2008

PQ Prop 8 Rally Coverage

So, this last Saturday, supporters of Prop 8 had a huge sign waving rally in Poway that spanned the length of a busy road through a good portion of the city. Hundreds and hundreds of people came out to support marriage and Prop 8. However...not one single news station picked it up. The local news did manage, though, to air a clip of six - that's right, six - "No on Prop 8" sign wavers.

Tonight, we had a huge PQ sign waving rally that also spanned along the length of a well-traveled road. The rally included our entire stake as well as friends, neighbors, and other members of the Prop 8 coalition. Our ward was assigned a certain corner and, much to my delight, I was absolutely awed at the turn out. We had 135 people at our intersection alone! This included families, children, and the elderly all waving protectmarriage.com Prop 8 signs and homemade Prop 8 signs. Pretty surprisingly, we were able to attract the attention of the media. We had a great time entertaining the camera man with our happy screams, smiling faces, and darling Prop 8 children. Turns out they also covered a group of "No on 8" people who were up the street (and out of sight) from us. They were sharing an intersection with another ward.

Well, I checked out the News 8 website tonight and found the video clip at the top of the video list. And...surprise, surprise...check out the title - "Police called as Prop 8 emotions spill over." WHAT?! No emotions were "spilling over!" They said the police were called in to "break things up," but did you catch the shot of the cops standing around looking completely bored? We have been well conditioned to back down in the face of anger, but apparently the media isn't into accurate reporting. Oh well, this really shouldn't come as a surprise considering the media's biased coverage of the presidential candidates.

So, click on the link below, then click on the title as stated above. You can see me behind Vicky when they interview her (short blonde lady). I'm helping to hold a huge banner in the background and I'm looking to the side. Woo hoo! I'm famous! :)

Laura, me, and Micki
Yes on 8!

Soren found dirt. He's in heaven.

And, in other amusing Prop 8 news, my front yard sign was finally stolen. I had been expecting it forever and then, of course, when my guard is lowered and I'm starting to feel like I've been spared, WAM BAM, and there goes my freedom of speech. It was stolen last night. One measly little "Yes on 8" yard sign. So, here's my response to my stolen yard sign:

You take away one, I'll put up another five...

...and set strategically placed guards to secure the perimeter! :)


Marilee said...

Way to go, Liz! I love that you put 5 signs up to replace the stolen one. :) We will be praying and watching late tomorrow night to see the outcome of proposition 8!

Amber and The Boys said...

Love it love it love it!

Jacqui said...

Liz, you're awesome! I must admit, I got a bit teary-eyed with pride looking at the pictures of all the supporters out there with you in CA. Prop 8 and all those who support it have been in our prayers. We're praying for a favorable turnout tonight. Thanks for all your hard work for such a great cause. You rock!

LeAnn said...

Love the signs, prayers that all goes well today

ScottnLisa said...

OH my gosh...Liz, I was going to email you yesterday and totally forgot...I got a tip off from someone that a bunch of people were going to go out stealing signs again last night and I thought to notify you and warn you in case they hit your area, but figured, "she probably knows" and that it would be silly to say anything...I'm so dumb I should have listened to my intuition and at least said something! I've been so very verry frustrated with the Media and this whole election. Scott and I are praying that things work out. I have friends on both sides of this debate and it makes me really sad, because it just reminds me more and more that ultimately, you choose where your loyalties lie, and the closer we get to Christ's coming, the more divided the people are becoming...and sometimes they're your own friends on the other side against you. It makes me sad. I'm hoping and praying for the best. I have faith in the work your doing. I know your making our Father in Heaven proud for pushing so hard against the opposing force.

Scott and Megan said...


Julee said...

Those cute little boys don't look to threatening!!! But Im sure they would detour people from coming up and taking them. Our signs got stolen too but we had plenty to replaces them. I hear there is going to be a big protest today at the LA temple. Im glad I don't live in LA. Julee Brice