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Friday, November 7, 2008

Prodigy, Fever, and Laundry

The other day, Soren came charging up to us excitedly toting his yellow doodle board and chattering about what he'd written. Dan and I had been talking and Soren and Anders had been playing in the other room. When he showed us this (below), out of the blue, we were pretty floored! It was completely unprompted. The kid writes the way a child musical prodigy plays back whatever he/she hears. Soren is basically teaching himself to read and write. I don't do nearly as much with him as I should and yet, here he is standing at my elbow reading my e-mails out loud and writing things like "Yes on Prop 8." So, after we took the obligatory picture of his genius, we asked him to write other things. He did, of course, without any help. Oh my, what am I going to do to keep this child from getting bored in school? I know he'll love the social interactions, but school is school, you're supposed to learn things there. I hope he comes up against a subject that challenges him so that he can apply himself and learn to appreciate hard academic work.

These are a few pictures of Soren and his new habit of falling asleep just about anywhere. I don't know if this habit is here to stay or if it's a result of sickness (I'm inclined to believe it's the latter), but I must admit that I'm lovin' it for the time being! The storyboard shows Soren with a rag on his head. He's had a fever off and on for the last two and a half days. Today it peaked at 104.4 degrees at which point we promptly gave him another dose of Motrin and stuck him in a cool bath. I feel so bad for him because he's SOOO hot and he begs me for medicine and he's extremely lethargic (thus the falling asleep everywhere). Our home teacher came over this evening and gave Soren a blessing in which he was told his fever would break tonight. I'm so grateful for the power of the priesthood in our lives (thanks Jared)! Right now Soren has come out of his lethargy and is playing with a couple of thermometers like they're cars. Just the fact that he's upright is a solid indication that he's on the mend! We really need for our family to get better and stay better for a while. I'm tired of tending to sickness and all its side effects: nausea, vomiting, fever, sore throat, cough, stuffy nose, runny nose, diarrhea, headache, lethargy, etc. We have actually experienced every single one of those in the last week and a half. Blah!

And here is my endless laundry that I'm trying futilely to keep up with. I look at this and think I'll be doing laundry 'til my hair turns grey (well, I will really, but I'm talking about all of these piles specifically). If I was to look on the bright side here, I would say that at least Soren has a slew of options for cushy nap locations. :)


Amanda said...

If you came to my house you would feel so much better about your pile of laundry. I have a pile of just about everything you can think of- YIKES!

Thank you for your words...and your dad's words. I think I should spend my internet time on your blog instead of googling myself and seeing horrible, horrible things! Please feel free to share my experiences. I really have nothing to hide- I sure would like the truth to be spoken. The biggest truth- my donation was a PERSONAL donation and Golden Spoon had NOTHING to do with it! That's my peace.

Thank you for calling on me this week- REALLY!

Lindsey said...

Soren is a sweetheart.

Remember that I only work part time. If you ever need any help in the afternoon, please call on me! I would love to come over and spend time with you and the boys. I do not get to spend enough time, or any time really, with kids since I left the preschool. It would be fun! I can do laundry!

Kari said...

Sorry you all are so sick! That's never fun, especially for the mom who has to do all the tending. And Soren, what a smart kid! You should find a charter school or something like that so that he doesn't get lost in the mix at public school. I think it can be even harder for the really smart kids at school when everything has to be catered to the slower ones. You'll have your hands full trying to keep him challenged that's for sure.

Marcia said...

Do the boys need Granny to come and give them a haircut, too?

Amber and The Boys said...

You are a brave woman to post pics of your piles of laundry. I of course have piles much like yours but like to smile and pretend I don't. :) As for the Prop 8 thingy I just feel bad seeing it hurting so many of my Mormon friends. And that is what they want is to hurt us and make us angry. I think if we just press on in the work of the Lord it will simmer down at least a little soon! I hope! Man I hope your poor family can get feeling better soon!

Melissa said...

Oh sorry he was so sick! But WOW what a genius! That is incredible! Way to go little man and way to go being a great mom by teaching him through example.

Scott and Megan said...

such a smarty pants! he must get that from his mom!