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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trick or Treat - Invalid Style!

It's sad to say, but this Halloween was just like every Halloween since we had Soren - sick, sick, sick. I was just getting the flu, the little guys had just had it, Anders had a cold...ech! So, we let the boys pass out candy (and sickness) to the other little kids and then we wandered around to the houses near ours. Soren picked the houses we would trick or treat at based on the cars that were parked out front. He especially liked the Frontier truck, but no one was home. Anders tried to give his candy to everyone else (I guess we kind of confused him by starting him with passing out candy). My favorite part of the evening was when Anders was yelling at everyone passing by our home, "Come people! Come! Candy here!" I have included a video of this, but you may have to turn your sound up to hear him as he ran away from me all the way out to the front lawn to do this. I love him. He is such a comedian! (And yes, I am aware of the huge, disgusting stain on the tookus of Anders' spiderman costume, but really, can one expect a 2-yr-old to eat chocolate without at least one souvenir? He was saving some for later.)

"Come people! Come!"

Our neighbor's door is spooktacularly awesome for Halloween! It's huge!

Anders' favorite part of trick or treating. Door bells. I pity our neighbors.

And of course we ended the evening by trick or treating at our own house.

"Candy here!"

The best neighbors ever! Glen and Debbie's house.


Lindsey said...

Soren and Anders are so cute. I love how much they love one another. And I love the image of Anders screaming for people to come get candy for him. It's perfect.

LeAnn said...

Your kids are so cute! What a fun video clip

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Anders shouting out Come people, candy here, is just about the cutest thing ever.