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Friday, November 7, 2008

New Facebook Group

I have started a new Facebook group: "Get the Facts About the LDS Church and Proposition 8." Please click on the link and join this group and send invitations to your friends and encourage them to send invitations to their friends. I am so tired (as are many of you) of the untruths, half truths, and downright lies floating around about the LDS Church and would like to get the true facts out there so that people can be properly educated before they choose to pronounce judgements on their friends and neighbors, good upstanding citizens of our free country.


taradise said...

Thank you for crusading. Also, what do you think Monson will do with these supposed postcards? Burn them in ritualistic cleansing fires? Not like they'll reach him though.
SO weird.

Lindsey said...

I think you know this, but my opposition to prop 8 had nothing to do with you and your religion. Just wanted you to know I am not pronouncing judgments and that my lack of support for prop 8 does not mean I think Mormons are evil beings sent to earth to destroy. :) Did you like that? I was trying to achieve a sense of drama and ridiculousness. Is that a word? I think not.

Liz said...

Seriously, Tara, my home teacher said the same thing. It's not like he'll see any of those letters. I'm sure that when the leaders of the church foresaw our struggle here, they also foresaw the backlash that would come from standing up for truth and right. I'm sure all this comes as no surprise to them.

Marilee said...

Thanks for working so hard to let the truth be heard. The stories of awful things happening to people in support of Prop. 8 just keep rolling in. My sister found this one: http://www.10news.com/news/17887475/detail.html#-

Melissa said...

I'll join it