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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Story of Prop 8

Ahhh...the truth is revealed and opponents of Prop 8 shown for the cruel people they have been throughout this debate. We have been called intolerant bigots, yet it is they who have vandalized, stolen, defaced, abused, cursed, and threatened. I hope many people see this video. A very many.


Brooklet said...

Shells blog is private now. I am sure you could leave you comment in your comments, and she would see it.

I agree with her, the effort you are putting into this is amazing and admirable. It is something I know I would have a difficult time doing- putting myself out like and having to deal with confrontation- you are superwoman!

ScottnLisa said...

Ooooh...that irritates me. I'm not even going to say much accept like the video says...they think WE'RE intolerant? Oh brother. That's not how you get people to see your side.

bird said...

sorry i don't have time to write you more, but my email is mirbird@gmail.com

and i totally DO NOT mind you voicing your thoughts on prop 8 in the comment section of my blog.