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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Tonight as we sat down to dinner together, Buddha decided that he would dig in before saying the prayer. As the fork approached Buddha's eager mouth, The Chief reminded him that we say prayers before eating our food. It was too late, the food went in, the lips closed around the booty, and immediately Buddha started the "blazing-hot-food" dance (which is more a squirm than a dance). The Chief gave Buddha the "I-told-you-so" look and folded his arms to proceed with the prayer. As The Chief's mouth opened to utter the first words, Buddha slipped in a quick and fervent, "Make it a long prayer, Dad!" Have you ever heard a child beg his father for a long prayer?? Must have been some seriously scorching food!

In another family prayer episode recently, Buddha reminded us (during the prayer) that we are thankful for Shelley's house (the former Bishop's wife), My Kids Clubhouse, and the fair. This is actually an ongoing obsession for him. It's funny because lately we can't say prayers without being interrupted by one or the other of the boys piping in to remind us of another thing to express our gratitude for (Bugga's contribution is usually culinary in nature). Do you have community input during family prayer time?

And now I will leave you with an inspirational picture. To all you potty-training moms, remember this...at least you have it better than me:


Alicia said...

I LOVE that picture of Anders! He's such a doll, I guess potty training wears him out too! Good luck! What great stories about prayer, atleast your kids listen to what's being said.

Anonymous said...

Dad O here.

The photo is HILARIOUS! How many adults could get into that position? Keep recording those precious and priceless moments (at the dinner table; kneeling at the bed, etc.) for the children's journals, too.

Amber and The Boys said...

That picture is great! Thanks for the info on Bates Nut Farm. I think I have heard of it but had forgotten! The splash park was the same one we went to for playgroup (which by the way you should attend on a more regular basis!) We love that splash park and keep going back!

Jacqui said...

This picture is classic! You catch all the best moments Liz. And I love the prayer stories. We don't have input, we have a mimic. Katelyn is learning to say the prayer, so she thinks it's her turn to say every prayer. It's actually kind of cute to here her repeat after us in her little voice. Would it be wrong to secretly videotape prayer time?!

Marcia said...

Priceless! Is it potty training time for Anders already?

ScottnLisa said...

So cute! I'd rather have THIS image than the image of poop rolling on the bathroom floor yesterday when my daughter didn't make it in time. Ugh.