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Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've created a new blog, moved all my previous Prop 8 posts over there, and added some interesting links concerning McCain and Obama. I am not normally a politically minded person, but this election has me scared. The media is taken by Obama, and since McCain isn't eloquent or "lovable," he is being defamed and disregarded right and left. It's amazing the friends that pretty words and empty promises can win you. The best word I can use to describe Obama, the word that comes to my mind every time I think of the man, is "shady." There is so much about his past and present connections that should put every single American on edge and make them think, think, think and do some research before they vote for him simply because he sounds good. I'll admit right now that McCain isn't exactly "all that," but that isn't reason enough in my mind to throw him out with the bathwater and instead back a man who is known to have terrorist, racist, and socialist connections/ideals and whose very eligibility to run for president of the United States of America is in question right now. What are we thinking, people?! I just hope that the checks and balances set up to protect us and our Constitution will be able to hold up against the insane Obama spell that a vast majority of people seem to have fallen under.

Ah, enough. I want to be able to blog about my family again on this blog. All things Prop 8 and election can now be found at pearl-diving.blogspot.com.


ScottnLisa said...

Oh I know. I think all the little pathetic ignorant celebrities getting on their soapboxes for obama are ridiculous. It's like the popular kids trying to tell you who to vote for prom queen. Sad really. Sure if you want a lifestyle as loose as theirs, you'll vote for him, but he's going to screw up the country in the process.

Bells said...

The lovely thing about our political system is the idea of checks and balances. Both candidates have links to less than ideal people--JM also has links to "terrorists" and seriously shady folk. Jas and I have lots of discussions about this race. We both are pretty moderate, but I lean a little left, and Jas leans a bit to the right. We have to look at the issues and what matters to each of us individually (education, environment, international relations [not war], and health care for me). The ability to carry oneself with grace is only the icing for some of us, especially given the perceptions of our current leadership by folks around the world. When it all comes down to it, I'm glad that our founding fathers created a system that allows for leaders in the various branches of government.

P.S. McCain is very viable candidate, but Palin? Don't get me started :)

Melissa said...

It has been an interesting race. the Media is SO negative! I watched SNL last night and they really attacked Mccain- making fun of his Joe the Plumber bit. (but like that is real media) My WHOLE family is for Obama and I am the only one going for McCain. Like Brandon says- any president who will protect family values- against gay marriage and Pro-life- gets our vote! I know he is old- but he is the right man for the job. We think other countries will finally show respect for America and be "afraid" if he is our president, unlike Obama. And Sorry, but I LOVE Palin. She has her quirks and Skeletons, but I think she is fabulous. Way better than hoity toity Biden. (I don't know how to spell hoity toity:) )

Lori said...

Ok, so I USED to think McCain was an awful, impersonal public speaker until I watched him at the Al Smith Dinner last night. Have you checked it out? It is HILARIOUS and his delivery was awesome. I was dying laughing, and then Obama spoke right afterward and was definitely not as good. It was really fun to watch!

Liz said...

Lori, where can I watch it? I want to see!