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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Welcome Back

I know it's impossible to go from an ignorant, transplanted Utahan, to a seasoned Californian in one year. Regardless, that is how I felt this morning as I awoke to a sure knowledge that the Santa Anas are upon us. I listened to the wind whistling by our bathroom window and knew that dry, warm conditions had arrived. Welcome back to our annual So. Cal fire watch. Already, there are three blazes burning in So. Cal, two in San Diego county. I have this mental image of the Santa Anas: a rearing, screaming, black stallion being whipped and driven by a dark, cloaked, evil minion of the underworld. These are such restless winds that seem to have an innate desire to consume and destroy. They surge and twist, turning back on themselves in such a show of unpredictability as to leave the firefighters scrambling and scratching their heads in frustration.


I guess it's time to gather my most valuable belongings into one easy-to-access location in case we are run out of our home again by the devil winds.


Marcia said...

Forget photography and become a writer. You are good at expressing yourself and creating images. We've been wondering if the fires were close to you. Move back to ignorant Utah. we just battle a little snow. It doesn't burn us up :)

Laurie said...

Hey, I just wanted to say, thanks for all the info on Prop 8. I really liked the last few links you put up too. gracias for sharing.

Lindsey said...

I know how you feel! After five years here it is as though I can feel fire in the air before I see or smell smoke or even hear about the fires on the news. I am crossing my fingers that this year will be nothing like the last - in a good way! There is always room for the Bagels in our home should an evacuation ever befall you again.

bird said...

i love the santa ana winds. they are beautiful to me! and the smell of fire in the air is comforting. perhaps that's a sign that i've lived here too long. but i love how wild they are.

Marilee said...

Out in the midwest, especially when it gets cold, we think of So. California as paradise. I guess no place is without it's crazy weather! I sure hope you don't have to evacuate like last year!

Barbara said...

Has it been a year already since you had to leave your home because of the fires????
Wow time flies ...I hope it is NOT going to come to that again.
Although….You could take a trip to Arizona and stay with us for a while if it does happen ...we would except refugees from California. (Not kidding)
Charlotte and Lillian would love seeing the boys again:)
Love, B.

She-She said...

The fires are definitely one thing I don't miss about San Diego! But I hope you guys are able to be safe and sound this time around!!

Thanks for the info on the background. I still can't get it to work... and I've put in too much time! ha! But I do appreciate the thoughtfulness of trying to help!