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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pixelated Picture Problem

I recently discovered that when I look at my blog on Internet Explorer, all the pictures I've posted are pixely. I am a Firefox user. So, I just added a poll to my sidebar. I'm wondering how the pictures look for everyone else and I'm thinking that if more people are experiencing this, I might just have to abandon large pictures altogether. :( Let me know about your viewing experience!

*My apologies to whomever already voted. I forgot to allow voters to select multiple answers so I had to delete and start from scratch (because apparently you cannot edit a poll that has already been voted on). Thanks!

Amendment 1:46pm:
I think I've figured it out. But I also know that it would be an immense amount of work to go back and change every post I've ever done with big pictures. So, know this - I've changed the pictures on the pumpkin patch post, but everything else is still the same...for now. Sorry Explorer users! I wish I would have known sooner. :)


Kari said...

They aren't pixely for me, but I sometimes have a hard time seeing all of the picture at once since I don't have a very big screen. So I have to do a lot of scrolling to read your posts. But I think the pictures are cute and I like being able to see the details in them better.

Freckles said...

The pictures look fine on my computer, but they don't load very well and I can't scroll down for a while. Although they do look nice, I haven't done large pics for that reason; it takes to long to scroll through a post.

Amber and The Boys said...

How did you fix it cause I have that problem on my own blog too

Mike & Lauren said...

I always enjoy your beautiful big pictures, not pixely with Explorer!