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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sleep Woes

You know, I'm not sure what it is exactly, maybe a combination of sickness and teething, but Bugga is having a HUGE problem sleeping at night. Every night I have to wake up five or six times to calm him down and rock him back to sleep. After the fifth or sixth time, I've usually had it and just bring him into the bed with us so that I can get at least 30 minutes of straight sleep. Last night was the worst, though, when Bugga wouldn't even go back to sleep in our bed and suddenly there was Buddha dragging into the room, half asleep, refusing to settle back into his own bed. Needless to say, we only made it through sacrament meeting (and that, because it was the Primary program) before we headed back home for some much-needed shut-eye. The Chief was a sweetheart and let me take a nap today while he played with Buddha. I can't wait for that last little bugger-of-a-molar to cut through Bugga's gums so that I can once again enjoy the bliss of a solid night of sleep. Until then, I'm a zombie mother, wife, friend, housekeeper, sign-waver, blogger, etc. I miss sleep.


Alicia said...

I hate teething. We are having the same problem with no sleep, and it stinks. I guess it's worse for the kids though!

LeAnn said...

i feel your pain and hope it's back to dream land soon!