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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Bar

HAPPY PIONEER DAY (for you fellow Utahns)


(23rd and 24th)

Well, The Chief left on Sunday afternoon to Ontario, California to take the California Bar Exam. The exam began today and after finishing day one, he's feeling pretty good. He had an extremely stressful few minutes when his computer wouldn't work after their break today, but he managed to get it up and running before the exam started up again. Tomorrow is the multiple choice part of the three-day exam and he's excited for it since he's always done well on the multiple choice sections of his practice exams. Thursday is the final day and it consists of more essays. We hope that you will all remember The Chief and his computer in your prayers. :) We want him to pass this on the first go round so that we don't ever have to go through such an intense "preparation" stage again!

Back here on the home front we're just packing away and trying to squeeze in last-minute get-togethers with friends and family. Right about now I'm thanking my lucky stars that I had the inspiration and foresight (or that the Man Upstairs did, I should say) to start packing here and there a few weeks ago. That decision has made the whole packing and moving process a lot less daunting. But, there's still lots to do. I can't believe how much stuff we have been able to squish into our little three bedroom condo here! Well, we're a growing family. :) We are moving next week on Wednesday, August 1st, and I think that Buddha is most excited for his truck ride with Daddy! :) Thanks to everyone who has helped out and offered to help out. You're generosity and kindness has been much appreciated. Enjoy the pictures!

Ha! Look what I can do now.

Uh oh, I've been caught red-handed.

I'd better hide under here....

Nah! It's more fun to pilfer from Mommy's diaper bag.

Christmas in July!

This is a little Santa outfit that Buddha wore when he was a year old two Christmases ago.

Another little car addict. :)

Bugga can pull himself up on the couch now...

...much to Buddha's chagrin. You'd never guess it because I'm such a great photographer (ha ha), but Buddha is actually having a royal melt-down in these pictures because Bugga is moving his line-up of cars. :)

But at least they look like they're playing together happily.

Oh look! I can pull myself up on the table, too!

Bugga is so pleased with himself and his new-found ability to stand just about anywhere!

Check out my car!

Oooo...check out my muscles, too! :)


Dan said...

Awesome. That was just what I needed this morning before the exam. I miss you and the boys very much. At least when my computer froze for 15 minutes yesterday I had Soren staring me in the face (on my desktop). It was nerve racking and cute at the same time. Well off to another long day of testing. I'm almost there!!!!!

thatredhead said...

I think that Anders has good cheeks. Good chunky cheeks!! You can really see it in these pictures.

Mom said...

Oh my poor little shorn grandboys. They better have some hair next January. Anders has short legs! He's an Ogden. They get it from me. I should say he's a Hammond. Dad has long legs. Anders has the long torso short legs. Daniel and Joseph do too, and so do you. Sara got the legs. Funny. Great pictures.

Scott & Karin said...

Scott did that picture on our site...I don't think I would have put it up myself...as for Maven R. Johnson, it's from an old Steve Martin movie called "The Jerk". It was rated 'R' but Scott's family had the TV edited version when they were kids and he thinks it's absolutely hilarious. I watched it with him once when it was on TV but they edit so much less now-a-days. Anyway, that's the Down Low. Well, we'd still like to see you guys if possible, but we'd totally understand if it doesn't work out. Good luck next week with the move!

Brooklet said...

Happy birthday, Sis Ogden, and also to Daniel. And also to you Liz- I realize I missed your birthday, so here is my late shout out! 26, man thats old! Good luck with the move, and just keep thinking about the beautiful beaches of Southern California.

Liz said...

Thanks, Brooklyn. :) I am definitely thinking of those beaches...while suffocating in 100 degree, smoke-filled air. :) Needless to say, I can't wait to get there. Let's just hope that San Diego doesn't welcome us with its own fires. They've had some doosies in recent years.

ScottnLisa said...

There's no way you can see Sorens little meltdown in those pictures...you ARE a great photographer! (: I love how pleased he looks with himself wearing the santa outfit.