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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Well, he's all finished and I get to pick him up from the airport tomorrow morning! Woo hoo! The Chief called me tonight to let me know that he was finished. And his computer, though it did freak out again, survived well enough to finish out the exam as well. He and his friends went to eat Indian food and are now treating themselves to a movie. All I can say is, it'd better not be Harry Potter! We're supposed to see that together. :) Ah, what a relief to have that behind us. Now we can focus on packing and getting to California where we'll unpack in a flash and take the rest of August to vacation and enjoy some much-needed and much-deserved family time. :) Thanks to everyone who helped carry us through this stressful time (that's pretty much all of you). And a special thanks to you, Judy and Don, for letting the boys and me crash at your house the other day for an entire afternoon! You were great to indulge my need for adult conversation and a hearty meal...it was much appreciated. Oh, and I think Buddha fell in love with Uncle Don again, following him all around the house while he vacuumed. :) Bless you.

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Mom said...

Where are the pictures? What's a blog without a picture of the boys? :)

Congratulations to you and Dan on having that all behind you. Enjoy the move and the rest once you get there.